BELOW, are links to the sites of individuals and organizations who MJ believes are on the right track regarding making a positive difference in this world. Brief descriptions and commentary are given by MJ on each.
In this day and age, the best thing one can do to "fight terrorism" and find real freedom is to take it upon yourself to become informed about and aware of the many sides of the many critical issues facing us all. It is essential that we all as individuals find what feels true and right deep inside and to find this in a personal place that is calm and focussed....not from a place of anxiety, fear or just plain old exhaustion. Well, that's part of the problem isn't it? The pace of our lives leaves no time for reflection and the messages sent to us on every possible level only inflame fear and anxiety. I feel a change-a-comin'.

-Ever Read the Inside Of John Coltrane's Album
"A Love Supreme"?


-A New Global Security Framework.
This is a letter sent out via email by David Korten, 3/03. It is a must read perspective on the war.
Global Security Framework.PDF

-Wanna Know One Of the Main Reasons Why the Towers Went Down?
Check out this offering from Paul Krugman in November of 2002 in the NY Times Mag.
The End of the Middle Class

-George Soros Hit Us With This In '97 In The Atlantic Monthly...'s a must read if you wanna help change things for the better. Recently (Dec. 02) Soros was fined 2.2 million Euros for insider trading, which he claims not to be guilty of. Nonetheless, I'm still quite inspired by this essay.
The Capitalist Threat

-Pro War
Well, I beleive that to be able to take stands and make well informed decisions, one must look at all sides of an issue. This article appeared in a local Boston newspaper in early Feb, 2003.
David Brudnoy Article Pro War.PDF

-Culture Jam / Adbusters
I just read "Culture Jam" by Kalle Lasn and picked up the latest issue of Adbusters Magazine. The book is a well written, down to earth call to action against the corporatization of the US and the WORLD. The magazine keeps it all current.

-Are you a good little Brand Ambassador?
These bozo's are looking for people with "bubbly personalities" who would be good "brand ambassadors" to put semi-permanent brand name tattoo's on their foreheads and wander around in public for $7/hr.

-Legally speaking, Corporations are people, no shit!...
Since the 1880's Corporations have enjoyed the same rights as persons due to such an interpretation of the 14th amendment. Here's how it happened and a perspective on it. (PDF)
Corporate Personhood vs. Democracy
...or link direcly to it.

-Socialism and Democracy
OK, so you agree that the root of much of the problems of today is unbridled pursuit and obsession with profit making? Here's a semi-annual scholarly journal whose perspective is that you can't have democracy without socialism and vice versa. Excellent thought provoking and well-informed reading.

-John Bradley Kiesling Resignation Letter
This is the resignation letter submitted to Secretary of State, Colin Powell on Feb. 27, 2003. Keisling is a US diplomat serving in the embassies of Tel Aviv, Casablanca, Yerevan and many more.
Kiesling Resignation.PDF

-A Perspective On Bob Marley
Check out Matt's Introductory Remarks for his class on Bob Marley at Berklee College of Music
The Music and Life of Bob Marley

-Life And Debt
A must-see movie about current Jamaican social and political situation related to the IMF and World bank. Yes, it's about Jamaica, but it's MUCH broader than that.
Life and

-Bowling for Columbine
Wow. A movie about how fear (largely unfounded), and the profits taken from it, rule our country. We got to cut this shit out!
Also check out his movie of a few years ago "Roger & Me."

-When You Ride Alone, You Ride With bin Laden
A brand new book by comedian Bill Maher. It's filled with WWII posters that have been updated to reflect today's problems. This gentlemen hits the issues HARD. Check out these few quotes from the book, then go and read the whole thing.
Ride Alone

-How To Know God
This book, by Deepak Chopra, elegantly soars above the deadly misunderstanding (from the Crusades to modern day religious divisions) of the true point of spirituality. Dont't worry about the use of the word "God" here. It's cool. This site has great daily inspirations and message board conversations.

-The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
A crazy good book by Sogyal Rinpoche.
If we became less afraid of death, we'd live such better lives.

A local yoga Cambridge/Somerville (MA) Yoga studio that really rocks.
Up Dogs. Down Dogs. No Dogma.

-True Majority
This is a grassroots organization that helps you keep track of and do something about pertinent happenings in our government. It's the brainchild of Ben and Jerry's co- owner Ben Cohen.