Matt Jenson's Acid Reggae Xperience
ignites the ROOTS REGGAE style of the 60's and 70's and launches it into the modern universe of trippy electronic textures and blues and rock improvisation.

Jenson and the ARX Band present a tasty array of vocal and instrumental originals, with a few creatively rearranged covers, that are heavily inspired by Bob Marley, Agustus Pablo, Jimi Hendrix and (old) Santana, yet emerge from these influences with a sound that is completely original, soulful and...necessary.

The group presents killing re-arrangements of Stevie Wonder's "Have A Talk With God", Sade's "Cherish the Day" and renditions of Marley's "Trench Town Rock" and "Rat Race."

Many ask "What the hell is Acid Reggae?!" Well, yes, it's a bit confusing when one can barely tell what this term "Acid Jazz" really means as well. Simply put: if Acid Jazz is more or less music that incorporates jazz, blues and rock influenced soloing over funky hip-hop grooves, Acid Reggae is the same only over roots reggae grooves.

On a deeper level, staying with the reggae tradition of raising consciousness and a rebel attitude, MJ's ARX looks for inspriation in helping to make 'tings better in this troubled world. It's during times like these when music and art is needed most...well, GOOD music and art.

Also, related inspiration can be found directly from Matt's pen in the introductory statement prepared for the class he teaches at the Berklee College of Music entitled : "The Music and Life of Bob Marley."
Marley Class Introductory Remarks